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By now, introducing aRTIST oF tHE yEAR may be a little unnecessary considering  these dancefloor legends have been at it since Y2K. Their story began over a decade ago, but they are far from reaching the end; in fact they are back with a new chapter with the band’s latest album; uP yOURS. The guys are at it again. To call this “long-awaited” would be an understatement. Music lovers around the world are itchin’ to shake to the new bass-laden grooves of these electro-party funk-watchamacallit rockers’ new tunes. For aRTIST oF tHE yEAR, the May 8 2012 release of uP yOURS represents more than just their fifth studio album; heads across the globe will bob simultaneously, because for the first time in the band’s history uP yOURS will be released and available digitally to all party-goers and funkmeisters, regardless of  where they hail from. Keeping up with their token sound, uP yOURS features a slightly different creative approach than on past records and puts forth a new songwriting combo; Camille and Dave. Recorded in their native Montreal in an apartment filled with gear, the 14 songs featured on uP yOURS are the result of experimenting with new sounds trying a different twist on creative research, and fooling around with new “old” instruments; vintage synths, beatboxes, keyboards, drum machines. The “live” aspect of their sound is also noteworthy; the guys were  keen on capturing the essence of their live playing on the album, and at the same time show off a little of their chops. The way the songs were written as well as lyrically aRTIST oF tHE yEAR put forth a character-based angle also a new venture for the guys, who are deeply influenced by cartoons and animation-based storytelling. Besides the May 8th street date, the band is dusting-off their road-cases and preparing for a few, sure to be memorable Canadian dates; notably their Montreal release party-show on June 1st at Le National. With a new album comes a new show; anyone who’s seen aRTIST oF tHE yEAR perform knows these guys are party machines and every gig is roof raising mayhem. Add to that a revamped setup, where classic electronic elements are meshed with organic and live playing, with new instruments used on uP yOURS at the forefront of the band’s performance and we guarantee your feet, neck and booty will be aching in the morning.


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